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Re: Word Accessibility with JAWS


From: Karlen Communications
Date: Sep 24, 2008 1:20PM


I am not networked. I was running JAWS 9 with Word 2007 but am now running
JAWS 10 public beta. I remember you saying you had this problem and I've
been watching out for it when I revert back to JAWS 9.

If you press Ctrl + Shift + Letter O do you get the Alt Text for the
graphics listed?

One other thing I find that interferes with the accuracy of reading Alt Text
is when I apply picture styles to images but this is mostly in Outlook 2007
with both versions of JAWS.

Cheers, Karen

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> The only issues I've had with JAWS reading alt text on images in
> Word 2003 or 2007 is when I'm using the Down Arrow to go through
> parts of a document line by line. JAWS might say "slash" for an image
> but if I go above the image and either SayAll or read by paragraph,
> it does read the Alt Text.

Karen - which version of JAWS are you using?

I am running a networked version of JAWS (version 9.0.2169U) with the same
labeled graphics and graphical objects settings enabled and have found that
JAWS rarely reads the alt text information for images in Word 2007. I have
also tried this with .docx and .doc files with the same result (no image
information being communicated). I do get the "slash" feedback, but that is

I contacted Freedom Sci. support about a month ago and they acknowledged
that this is a bug issue and should be resolved in the next version. Just
curious what you have running and how JAWS may be configured as I had no
success with manipulating the settings.