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Re: A list of one?


From: Michael D. Roush
Date: Nov 19, 2008 1:40PM

Keith Parks wrote:
> Esoteric question for the day, no huge deal, but...
> Would it be considered proper semantic formatting to have an unordered
> list of one item?
> Situation: a page listing new employees, organized by office.
> I have each office name as a header (in my case an H3) then the list
> of people under that as an <ul>. Most have 4-5 people but a couple
> only have one person. I don't want to change the formatting based on
> that, but it makes me wonder if one item can be considered "list"?


It strikes me that what you are using as third-level headers are
probably a list of items as well (with the names of new employees as a

I also had a thought that maybe these really aren't lending themselves
to headers and lists, but a set of definition terms and definitions.
The office is the definition term, and the new employee (or the list of
employees) is the content of the definition tag. This would keep a
semantic association between the office and the name/names, without
requiring a single-item list where it isn't warranted.

A part of me is still saying there may be something wrong with this, but
my gut instinct is telling me this makes sense.