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Re: A list of one?


From: Dean Hamack
Date: Nov 19, 2008 1:55PM

On 11/19/08 12:36 PM, "Michael D. Roush" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> It strikes me that what you are using as third-level headers are
> probably a list of items as well (with the names of new employees as a
> sub-list).

First of all Michael, welcome to the list (I've been on another list with
Michael for years).

I agree. Nested unordered lists would be fine if you had a heading that was
"employees", a list with "accounting, technology, advertising" and then
lists of employees in each of those.

> I also had a thought that maybe these really aren't lending themselves
> to headers and lists, but a set of definition terms and definitions.
> The office is the definition term, and the new employee (or the list of
> employees) is the content of the definition tag.

I disagree. The w3c give the following example for a DL:

<DD>young excitable person who may mature
into a <EM>Nerd</EM> or <EM>Geek</EM>

<DD>a clever programmer

<DD>technically bright but socially inept person

A person's name is not a definition of the term "employee", and you can't
have multiple definitions for a single term.

Dean Hamack
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