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Re: Another high-contrast question


From: R Sengers
Date: Dec 8, 2008 6:40PM

Following up to Dean's question and Michael's comment:

Are there any research-backed guidelines for good color scheme(s) to
offer to low vision users? I've seen sites with stylesheet switchers
that do yellow text with light blue hyperlinks on black background.
Does that color combination work better than others - is there
research or experience to back that up?

And is there any research to suggest a blue background is good for
users with cataracts?


Dean Hamack wrote:

> OK, so I'm building a new site for my company and I've decided to
> put in a
> PHP theme switcher function. I want to have a high-contrast theme,
> and am
> looking for some input on the best way to style it.
> I know that a black background is best, but what about font face,
> font size,
> font color, link color, etc.?

Michael D. Roush wrote:

If someone needs a high-contrast mode in order to see their screen,
they need it for more than just their web browsing. If they have MS
Windows, they have a high-contrast mode selector built in. (Frankly,
they do with other OS's as well.)

I would suggest that you make certain your site works with Windows
High-Contrast Mode in its standard theme. If you include a high-
contrast option within the site, don't necessarily think you need to
go with a black background (again, someone who really needs a black
background will have that for every application through their OS).
White-on-black, black-on-white, or blue-on-white are good choices.