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Re: Tables and low-vision users


From: Christophe Strobbe
Date: Dec 20, 2008 6:45AM

At 23:01 9/12/2008, Mike Osborne wrote:
>Hi Rachel
>Low vision users can find it difficult to track across no more than three or
>four cells - and under high magnification that may be all that is visible
>without horizontal scrolling.
>In an application we developed we used tables to show only the relevant
>columns that helped identify rows of interest (e.g. names) and then the user
>selected the row and were presented the detail (rest of the row) in a column
>which was easier to follow as a group.
>Obviously this limits the ability for a low vision user to compare rows -
>but this is difficult anyway with information presented in the common
>tabular format.
>Providing this kind of alternative view for all tabular data is no small
>A clever browser plugin that can transpose tables perhaps? Has it been done

That would be a nice feature for the RNIB Surf Right toolbar
which is currently available as a beta version.

Best regards,


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>Subject: [WebAIM] Tables and low-vision users
>Any suggestions for how to make tables of data more accessible to
>people with low vision, beyond marking up the code for the header row
>and header column, and putting strong visual lines between each row
>and column? In particular - what would help someone using a screen
>magnifier but not a screen reader?

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