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Re: Flash accessibility test


From: Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis
Date: Dec 23, 2008 1:15PM

On 23/12/08 18:20, Dean Hamack wrote:
> OK, I figured out there was a small problem in my logic the other day with
> regards to providing alternate content to screenreaders.
> The way swfobject.js works is to detect Flash, and if it finds it, set the
> alternate content to "display:none".

No. SWFObject detects Flash, then replaces the alternate content with a
Flash object.

In every case in the SWFObject code ( http://tinyurl.com/8vybb2 ) where
display: none; is applied, it is being applied to a Flash object not
alternate content.

> As we know, this also hides it from the
> screenreader. So I made an alteration to swfobject.js to move the content
> off the page instead. Anyone care to test it out?
> http://www.cooperspack.com/dev/
> Note that this is just the first page and none of the links work yet.

If you inspect the DOM with Firebug, you'll note that the alternate
content is been removed from the DOM when the Flash is loaded.

Note also that, even if the alternate content were just moved
off-screen, if publisher CSS was not applied you'd see both the Flash
and non-Flash versions one after another.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis