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Re: Table Accessibility


From: Raja Saravanan
Date: Jun 7, 2001 11:44PM

Sorry I will not be able to send the source code of the table..but I can
give you the structure... The table has the same HTML table structure only
with TH and TD... but they are not created statically...but created
dynamically at runtime by using Microsoft JScript and DHTML object model...
For example a script is used to create the table...
function createTable()
var oTable = document.createElement("TABLE");
oTable.innerHTML =
This is just a sample to give you a idea how the table is being created...
Can this be made accesible by the screen reader...
>From: Andrew Kirkpatrick < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
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>To: WebAIM accessibility forum < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
>Subject: Re: Table Accesibility
>Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 15:12:22 -0400
>Can we see the source, or at least the structure of the tables?
>On 6/7/01 8:50 AM, Raja Saravanan ( <EMAIL REMOVED> ) wrote:
> > Hi
> > We are developing a Internet Application that can run on Microsoft
> > Explorer 5.5. The problem is we have requirement of the tables to be
> > Editable or readonly with keybaord accesibility. Inorder to achieve all
> > these functions we are using HTC's (behaviors) which implement HTML
> > at runtime which has all these features inbuilt in them.... I tried
> > the IBM Home page reader 3.0 to read the page but it did not read as it
> > would read a normal HTML table... Can anyone suggest me how can I
> > this problem....
> >
> > regards
> > k.v.rajasaravanan
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