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Hovering menus


From: Randi
Date: Feb 25, 2009 5:50PM

Hi all,

I'm a member of a foru at psychcentral.com. I was there before I went
blind and while I was away, they redid their site with vbulletin. Now
they've got hovering meus and I only know this from asking users why I
can't click user names like I used to. For example, to view a member's
profile or send a pm, apparently when a mouse is hovered or clicked, a
hovering menu appears with options. My reader, Voiceover, does not
read these menus.

Is there a way, something I can do with keys or am I just out of luck?
Their chatroom is java based but the host of the site is experimenting
with a new one that is not java. However, to access the test room,
there is another of the hovering menus. I suggested to him that he
check out webaim and told him about hidden links etc. I can't even
test the room to see if I can use it because of the hovering menus.

Any suggestions?


I'm not disabled, my eyes are. ;)