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Captia/security boxes


From: Randi
Date: Mar 23, 2009 10:55AM

Hi all,

I'm sure you're familiar with those stupid captia boxes, where you
must type the letters you see to prove you'r not a spammer. Most have
a "listen to this" option but I haven't even figured those out. I
tried to sign up for a twitter and could not get past their listen
option. It says to type the 2 words, but it gives me an entire phrase
when I listen. Does anyone know a work around?

Also, I've heard of some sites simply asking a question like, what
color is grass? If I were to write to sites that have these
inaccessible or confusing captias, might I suggest an alternative? Are
the open to that sort of thing? I had a sighted friend help set up
Facebook, and they have an option to reply to a text message to
eliminate further captias. This is great, but I needed a sighted
person to help set it up.

I'd like to get a twitter to see what all the fuss is about, but I'm stuck.


I'm not disabled, my eyes are. ;)