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Re: looking for examples of cognitive disability and technology


From: Randi
Date: Apr 8, 2009 6:05PM

Hi Kathryn,

This is interesting. I have a cognitive disability, MS, which is what
caused my blindness. I can't really think of ways technology has
helped me, other then maybe keeping things organized. Before I went
blind, I used the computer to help me stay organized, ie, reminders,
etc. With me, the cognitive part is not too severe, only when I'm
tired. And when I get fatigued to the point that it affects me
cognitively, honestly, I want nothing to do with the computer. Thats
only been since starting to use a screenreader, because it takes a lot
more cognitive energy.

A site you might look at is www.patientslikeme.com. They have a whole
section for neurological disorders. It's not very accessible for
screenreaders, so I haven't been back. But you might find people there
with more severe cognitive disorders that could point you in the right
research direction.

Let me know off list what you might find though, I'm curious.


On 4/8/09, catherine < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi,
> In the process of preparing a presentation I will be giving in May, I am
> looking for examples of people with various disabilities and their use
> of technology. I have examples for visual, auditive and motor
> disabilities (though would welcome any other resources). For example,
> here in Qu├ębec, members of the Deaf community have created Espace
> FrancoSourd[1], which is a Facebook type network with various features,
> set up by deaf people.
> Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding examples of projects for
> people with cognitive disabilities. While there is a lot of material out
> there on how to make the Web more accessible to this particular
> community, there does not seem to be anything in terms of interesting
> projects or concrete examples where people with cognitive disabilities
> use technology.
> Any feedback would be appreciated.
> Catherine
> [1] www.francosourd.com
> --
> Catherine Roy
> http://www.catherine-roy.net