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Re: looking for examples of cognitive disability and technology


From: Steve Green
Date: Apr 8, 2009 6:10PM

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Subject: [WebAIM] looking for examples of cognitive disability and


In the process of preparing a presentation I will be giving in May, I am
looking for examples of people with various disabilities and their use of
technology. I have examples for visual, auditive and motor disabilities
(though would welcome any other resources). For example, here in Qu├ębec,
members of the Deaf community have created Espace FrancoSourd[1], which is a
Facebook type network with various features, set up by deaf people.

Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding examples of projects for people
with cognitive disabilities. While there is a lot of material out there on
how to make the Web more accessible to this particular community, there does
not seem to be anything in terms of interesting projects or concrete
examples where people with cognitive disabilities use technology.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


[1] www.francosourd.com

Catherine Roy


The only one I know of is www.peepo.co.uk. The site uses SVG and does not
work in Internet Explorer so I suggest you use Firefox. If you want to know
more about it I can put you in touch with the consultant who did much of the
research and development.

Steve Green
Test Partners Ltd