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Re: Proper title for accordion menu links?


From: Lisa A. Cammarota
Date: Apr 20, 2009 8:20AM


Shipping Address without a title should be enough. The screen reader should read that it is a link within a page (anchor vs. link to another page).

Hope this Helps :o)

Lisa Cammarota

>>> Dean Hamack < <EMAIL REMOVED> > 4/18/2009 12:04 PM >>>
Thanks, I'm aware of all that. I have fieldsets with multiple fields (all
with proper labels). As I said, users click on the legend to reveal the
items in the fieldset.

All I was asking about is the link title. If not "click" then what? I
haven't heard any alternatives suggested here.

On 4/18/09 3:04 AM, "Simius Puer" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> Hi Dean
> It might be the context you are using but it sound like you actually want
> <label> rather than <legend>. Legend is used to give information to
> <fieldset>s not individual input fields e.g.:
> <form action="youraction">
> <fieldset>
> *<legend>*Shipping details*</legend>*
> <p>Name: <input type="text" name="shipName"/></p>
> <p>Address: <input type="text" name="shipAddress"/></p>
> <p>Postal code: <input type="text" name="shipPostcode"/></p>
> <p>Country:
> <select name="shipCountry">
> <option>United Kingdom</option>
> <option>United States</option>
> </select></p>
> </fieldset>
> <fieldset>
> etc...
> </fieldset>
> <div id="buttons">
> <input type="button" name="Button" value="Submit"/>
> </div>
> </form>