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Re: iCaption2 Student Project to create people learnabout and create captions for Flash Videos


From: Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis
Date: Apr 20, 2009 6:25PM

On 20/4/09 18:47, Karl Groves wrote:
> In my experience, VoiceOver doesn't work well at all with Flash& Flex. IMO,
> Adobe's done a great job of working toward improving Flash& Flex
> accessibility by providing support for MSAA. In the case of VoiceOver, I
> think more of the blame rests on Apple for not also supporting MSAA.


The responsibility rests entirely with Adobe for developing software on
the Mac GNOME platforms that does not use the native accessibility APIs
available on those platforms, not with Apple for not attempting to
somehow port an obsolete accessibility API from Windows.

Similarly, if a Flash developer creates a Flash app and does not make
use of the Flash accessibility API Adobe provides, and it consequently
proves unusable with JAWS for Windows, that's the individual developer's
responsibility not Adobe's.

Adobe have made it pretty clear that the reason the Flash plugin doesn't
support the OS X accessibility API is that they don't think assistive
technology on OS X is "mature" not because of Apple not trying to
somehow emulate MSAA:

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Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis