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Re: Is email accessible?


From: David Andrews
Date: Apr 29, 2009 1:15PM

At 02:55 AM 4/29/2009, you wrote:
>On 29/04/2009 00:52, John Foliot wrote:
> > This.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > What is wrong with top posting?
>You really want me to answer that?

DA: Well, I didn't top post in this instance, because I would guess
from your message that you are against it, but I did so as a courtesy to you.

I would just say that for some people top posting is the preferred
style. This is particularly true for many blind persons. I am blind
and run some 150 lists, and top posting is the de facto agreed upon
style for all of them. We can read the new stuff further, and read
down further if we need more information or background. However with
in-line posting we always have to search for new stuff which may be
scattered throughout the message.

My overall point is that there is no right or wrong here, each list
should do what is comfortable for the majority of its members. Your
needs and style aren't mine, and you shouldn't dismiss me with a
flippant answer that implies there is only one answer -- yours.