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Page Titles and H1 Elements


From: Tim Harshbarger
Date: Jun 15, 2009 1:10PM

What do you all mean by "page title"?

Doesn't the title element of the head section already contain the page
title? Adding an H1 element that contains the same information seems
redundant--similar to providing a text description for an image both in
the alt attribute and then again as content of a span or paragraph
element on the same page.

I think I could make a good semantic justification for multiple h1
elements. If heading elements are suppose to present a structure or
outline of a page, it makes perfect sense that there are multiple h1
headings. How many outlines have any of us created that just have just
1 point with everything else a subpoint of the first item?

IF you are wanting to use the h1 element to make it easier for someone
to navigate directly to the main content of your page, I don't think you
have necessarily made a case for the h1 element. Instead, you just made
a great case for ARIA landmarks.

Does it ever seem to you all like the simplest questions lead to some of
the most discussion?

Just another opinion,