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RE: Separating links


From: Philip Pawley
Date: Mar 27, 2002 2:49PM

>Warning... grumpy rant follows (sensitive readers should hit delete now)

Keep you hair on John! ;-)

Yes, I agree with everything you say. Only, you were reading me out of context.

My original post in this thread was:-

>The WAI Guidelines say:-
>"10.5 Until user agents (including assistive technologies) render adjacent links distinctly, include non-link, printable characters (surrounded by spaces) between adjacent links".
>Can you give me examples of user agents and/or assistive technologies that mis-behave in this way so that I can see the problem for myself?

The problem that I was grappling with in the post you replied to was that Paul Bohman mentioned JAWS and HPR in his reply and I could find no sign of a problem in the latest version of these (which is all I presently have access to).

<<<So, please, Paul and, indeed, everyone>>>

Do you mean earlier incarnations of these programs, Paul? (Presumably the answer is yes). If yes, then which versions and precisely how do they slip up and in what circumstances? In particular, I most need to know about this kind of column of text links:

<.div><.a href="a.html">Link A</a></div>
<.div><.a href="b.html">Link B</a></div>
<.div><.a href="c.html">Link C</a></div>
<.div><.a href="d.html">Link D</a></div>

1. Exactly what programs and which versions mishandle this?
2. Exactly what happens in these cases?

(I can't see how anyone can make meaningful choices in the absence of sufficiently well-defined information).

Thanks and all the best,

Philip Pawley
Liverpool, UK

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