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Re: Accessible CAPTCHA


From: Travis Roth
Date: Jul 2, 2009 12:05PM

Mike Moore wrote:
"Not to be a stick in the mud, but how exactly would this work for someone
who was deaf/blind. I continue to maintain that there is no such thing as an
accessible CAPTCHA."

Agreed, it seems many think offering audio as an alternative solves all.

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We had a huge discussion on this some months ago, about how to develop
an accessible CAPTCHA. There were some good ideas, but all could still
be broken.

I actually found my first ever accessible audible CAPTCHA on mlb.com,
when I was voting for the allstar game. It said the numbers and letter
perfectly clear, and when you click listen, it put the cursor right in
the text edit box, so I could type immediately. Not sure how their
visible one is. However, it seems like this could easily be broken by
a bot, as the bots can now do the audible CAPTCHAS.

Makes you wonder how fair the voting for the allstar game will be. ;)
But, I am highly impressed with the measures mlb.com is taking for

I just had a rant about these stupid things when I was trying to get a
Windows Live ID for the chat program. Couldn't do it.