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Re: Separating links


From: Holly Marie
Date: Mar 27, 2002 5:37PM

From: "Paul Bohman"

| Rather than trying to explain this in an email format alone, I created
| test page at http://www.webaim.org/paul/test/screen-reader-link-test.
| included some notes and observations. I tested the page with JAWS 3.5
| will test it with more recent versions later) and Home Page Reader
| I have not yet tested it with Window Eyes or any other product.
| I purposefully created some situations that are potentially
| for some screen readers. I would be very interested in having other
| people test this page with their screen readers and post their
| observations also.

| After people have taken a look at it and posted their observations,
| write a summary email.

Paul, this has me wondering.
[1] is it better to put links in as list items. With or without bullets?
Will there be any better separation? How are middots or bars perceived
or handled by listening users? What makes more sense to users that may
not be using devices that support different sounds or pauses or "link"
before each link? Can list items be displayed inline and not break to
the next with CSS? I have not tried this yet.

[2]How is the Acronym tag handled by readers?
<acronym title="Web Accessibliity Initiative">WAI</a> I see that Mozilla
and NN6x put an informational question mark cursor and arrow, while the
hover will pop up a tool tip with the expansion for visual users. I
believe that NN also puts a faint line under the Acronym. Are all the
readers giving the expansions on the acronyms or would it be best to
write any sentence, like this ?

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and tips.


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