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Re: Published work on Accessibility available


From: Holly Marie
Date: Mar 27, 2002 6:22PM

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From: "Glenda Watson Hyatt"

| >
| > The ones that I know of are listed at
| > If you let me know of others, I'll add them.
| >
| Since we are shamelessly self-promoting here, check out the newly
| Simplified Web Accessibility Guide at www.webaccessguides.org.
| are also available.

Glenda that site of yours had another link with topical usability and
access books too, that some may be interested in checking out.

This is really nice, I would like to get a good list together. Seems
when you search on topic at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, there are not
quite this many.

I like this list too because it covers various aspects of usability
design. Aimed at many.


PS the book looks good. And I think the more books out there on this
topic, the better. I learned CSS by viewing several people's ideas, and
not one of them covered everything I needed, nor in the same kind of
way. So same could be said about books. Some appeal and work written in
one way for some people and others find more value or understanding in
another delivery. Thank you. The more, the merrier. Any others out

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