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Re: Alternatives to LEGEND for a radio button?


From: Moore,Michael
Date: Aug 31, 2009 6:50AM

Historically forms mode has been something controlled by the user, at least until JAWS 10. In JAWS 10 forms mode is activated automatically when a user enters a text field, it is not needed for radio buttons or check boxes. This "auto forms mode" feature can be turned off by the user. In testing we have found that auto forms mode has some issues, particularly when there is a bit of client side scripting running. The latest patches for JAWS 10 work better but it still is a little buggy.

Mike Moore

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> Also I work with ASP.NET websites which require the entire HTML body to be wrapped in a form tag unless of course you use MVC which I'm fighting for!

I don't have JAWS, but did grab the new OS NVDA reader. It seems to do
the same as JAWS in that it only reads the LABELS of the form fields
one tabs into.

I can't speak to JAWS, but I did try it on some .net pages (as I had
the same thought as that could be an issue with .net's 'every page is
a form' model) and I didn't have that issue.

So I wonder if 'forms mode' is more or less just activated once you
start tabbing into form fields.

Mike...EXCELLENT info on the 'tab ring' concept. I didn't get a chance
to get back into this project this week but will give your suggestion
of giving the header a tab index of 0 within the form next week.
Fingers crossed that that will work as it sounds like a nice