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Re: Dragon NaturallySpeaking


From: Caleb Tang
Date: Sep 17, 2009 7:00AM

Dragon is in our standard user testing list and we often found it don't work
well on heavy CSS and JavaScript driven sites.

> On pages with more than one vertical scrollbar users sometimes have
> difficulty controlling the one they want, not realising that this may be
> determined by the position of the cursor or the place the mouse was last
> clicked.

Dragon uses JavaScript to insert HTML/CSS into pages when command such as
Link, Image, Edit box etc were called. By default Dragon will only recognise
links in first 200 HTML elements of the page (Although this can be changed
on the user files). Dragon may be slow in response on pages with more HTML

We recently starting to explore Windows Speech Recognition in Windows Vista
and it works pretty well with websites that doesn't on Dragon.