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Re: Question on "skip to main content"


From: Steve Green
Date: Sep 25, 2009 2:05PM

How is any user supposed to even know that a user agent exists with the
facility to use headings for navigation? It's not as if Opera is well known.
Users just see the text and know nothing of semantic structure, so why would
they even think that such a means of navigation is possible?

Oh, I know - they should all read the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines
and complain to the vendors till the feature is implemented.

On the other hand, here in the real world...


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Jared Smith wrote:

> - Heading or document structure could be considered "a method", but
> this has little benefit for sighted keyboard users because browsers
> (except Opera or Firefox with an extension) do not support keyboard
> navigation by headings or other elements (despite the fact this has
> been a requirement of the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines since
> 2002).

The argument then of course is: if a sighted user has to rely on keyboard
navigation (or keyboard-like interfaces), then surely they should also be
using the correct tools (browsers) for that. Yes, yes, if they're in a
library, public access area, or the infamous internet cafe', then that may
not be the case (although a follow-up argument then is that the library etc
should provide reasonable accommodation for customers with those
needs...e.g. having something other than, say, IE available)...

Patrick H. Lauke