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Good page titles - friendly SEO


From: Steven Henderson
Date: Oct 13, 2009 3:35AM

I'm interested in people's feedback on page titles and how when written for
SEO rankings, affect usability ... my humble opinion is that high ranking
page titles are generally too long and unfriendly for me as a visual user,
and wonder if this is even more of a problem for the visually impaired or
blind user.

In the spirit of providing clients good SEO rankings whilst also keeping my
passion for usability for visual and non-visual users, I am looking to see
people's view on what makes a good page title.

Personally, I take the view that a company name should only prelude a title
if it is a internationally-recognized entity such as Adobe or Disney, and
that it should generally summarise the given page's content, using
associated keyword or sequence of words. For example, this email would
perhaps be 'Good page titles - friendly SEO'.

Really looking forward to people's thoughts.