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Re: Popup windows and JAWS


From: Geof Collis
Date: Oct 27, 2009 4:50PM

Hi Jennifer

Abslutely it should come afterwards, if it didn't it would be no
better than "click here".


At 06:35 PM 10/27/2009, you wrote:
>If the alert for a pop-up window is placed inside the link text,
>please include it after the important link words.
>Having to listen to:
>Opens in a new window
>for a lot of links, not to mention navigating a list of links that
>all start with O, is tedious at best and quite annoying after a while.
>If the alert words come after the more important link words that
>identify the link's content, then at least we can navigate through
>the links quickly to avoid having to listen to "opens in a new
>window" a million times.
>Of course, if you only have one such link on a page, this issue isn't
>of particular concern.
>Thank you for considering this idea.
>At 09:29 AM 10/27/2009, you wrote:
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