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Re: Providing captioning from a text file during a web cast?


From: Andrew Kirkpatrick
Date: Apr 11, 2002 9:38AM

MAGpie does import plain text into the captioning area of the application.
this is a feature in MAGpie 1.0 as well as in the upcoming 2.0.

The best way to import the text is to break it into caption-size chunks in
the text editor and then import it. I recommend that you determine the font
and size that you'll use in MAGpie, and match that in the text document (you
may need something better than notepad for this...like wordpad. After the
line breaks are in you can still save as text.

General suggestions before import:
1) double line break after sentence ending punctuation (double line break
creates a new caption when imported)
2) Modify the text so that a line break occurs before the line is long
enough to wrap when displayed in Real, QT, or SAMI. This will depend on the
font size and you may need to resize your text window to remind you of how
wide the caption area is.
3) After any line where you want a new caption (every two lines?) use a
double line break).

This modified file should import into MAGpie with much less pain and
suffering. Particularly with MAGpie 1.0, this is useful since the grid that
is used for captioning has problems with more than 4 lines of text in a
caption cell.

hope this helps,

On 4/11/02 10:31 AM, Mark Rew ( <EMAIL REMOVED> ) wrote:

> Hi group,
> Does anyone know how I can use previously prepared text as part of my
> captioning for the hearing impaired during a web cast?
> Most of the talks for the presentations during an award ceremony are available
> in word processing files. We want to make use of this material to generate
> the text for our close captioning. Can anyone give me suggestions of software
> and file formats that I should use? Please provide any advice and lessons
> learn that you may have on doing this.
> Thanks
> Mark Rew
> e-mail: <EMAIL REMOVED>
> 301-713-0262 x131
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