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Re: Headings


From: Geof Collis
Date: Dec 21, 2009 4:03PM

Hi Tim

I'm thinking that I might just remove them. I can just as easily get
to the search and navigation using other JAWS commands as I can the
heading one.



At 05:21 PM 12/21/2009, you wrote:
> > I dont see a need to use headings as I have
> > said before, all I have is bold text to signify that it is a mainn
> > navigation and categories, if I chose not to put any text then there
> > would be no need to put headings at all.
>If they are not necessary, maybe you should just remove them?
>I think the issue is less about navigation and more about
>meaning. SC 4.1.2 is about exposing the role and state of an
>element programmatically. The way the page is encoded now that
>information is not programmatically available--although it is
>visually apparent.
>Its possible that users may be able to determine the meaning
>accurately from the page context. However, since there is a way to
>use mark-up to ensure the meaning is clear, it still could be
>beneficial to add the heading elements.
>You could make the section headings for main menu, categories, and
>search h2 elements--and make the first heading of your main content an h1.