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Re: Headings


From: Geof Collis
Date: Dec 24, 2009 9:45AM

Hi Mike

I'm not aware if JAWS can pick and choose headings but I wouldn't
want it to pick only H1's there are times when I need to get to a
certain part of an article that might be a H2 or H3 and I rarely
use the JAWS Heading command, of course this is my personal choice.

And yes it does make for easy scanning if it is well structured.



At 11:25 AM 12/24/2009, you wrote:
>Here's another "headings" question.
>When JAWS reads "headings", will it read ALL headings regardless of
>level, or can I tell JAWS to read only the <h1> and not the lower
>levels. Or only <h1> and <h2> but not lower levels?
>I expect that this would make it much easier to "scan" a well
>structured document.
>-- Mike