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Re: Headings


From: Mackenzie, Hamish
Date: Dec 24, 2009 11:51AM


There are at least three ways to look at headings with Jaws.

Firstly hitting the letter H will jump from heading to heading as you
progress down the page and it will announce the heading level.

Secondly you can bring up a list of headings with Jaws key and F6 and
from this list you can see all the headings on the page including their
level and navigate to one by hitting enter on it.

If you specifically want to jump through headings of a certain level
then just hit the corresponding number key above the qwerty keys so for
level 1 headings you would keep pressing 1 and for level 2 you would
press 2 to jump to the next heading of that same type .



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Here's another "headings" question.

When JAWS reads "headings", will it read ALL headings regardless of
level, or can I tell JAWS to read only the <h1> and not the lower
levels. Or only <h1> and <h2> but not lower levels?

I expect that this would make it much easier to "scan" a well structured

-- Mike