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Re: PDF will be legally accessible with the new 508


From: Julie Romanowski
Date: Mar 26, 2010 8:45AM

I agree, Ted. One of my responsibilities is to train people to make PDFs
accessible. Many of the people at our company who create the PDFs are
support staff, and are not highly technical. However, most are able to
catch on fairly quickly and are creating accessible PDFs in no time.
They learn that if they take a little more time making the original
document accessible, the PDF created is typically accessible. While many
are somewhat intimidated when they first use Acrobat Pro, this changes
after their first lesson.

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I also strongly disagree with the statement that "it is very hard for an
average user to make a PDF document accessible relying solely on the
tools provided by Acrobat Pro or Standard". But then I would - it's my
job to train them to do so. I would say that it is essential that the
average user knows how to make PDFs accessible using Acrobat Pro. And
it's not difficult.

Ted Page, PWS Ltd