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Re: <abbr> not reading


From: John Middleton
Date: Jun 26, 2001 4:31PM

A similar and helpful URI
<http://www.webreview.com/style/css1/charts/mastergrid.shtml>;, but
still not what was mentioned.
Knowing what Screen Reader software packages (ie JAWS, OutSpoken,
Lynxs, and versions) supports what tags, styles, etc. would be useful.
I am not aware of such a data collection.
>Well, besides plowing thru' Goodman's "Dynamic HTML", the quickest reference
>I found was VisiBone's HTML Card which lists elements & attributes, CSS
>properties & special characters on a 4-sided laminated card or wall chart.
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> > Thanks very much. Is there a resource that tells us which tags work with
> > which programs?
> I have to admit that I don't know of a resource quite like that, although
> would be nice to put one together. I've made a note of the idea, and will
> see if I can either find an existing resource or create one myself
> not right away, however).
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