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Re: WebAIM-Forum Digest, Vol 60, Issue 28


From: Mills, Teresa
Date: Mar 31, 2010 2:36PM

In my opinion the Flash earthquake quiz located at http://www.members.shaw.ca/gf6/earthquake.html is not fully accessible. I am using the Section 508 standards as my basis for this conclusion.


1. The control panel is not keyboard accessible. In this feature one can find their score, number of questions remaining, and change the background colors. If you are unable to use a mouse, you cannot get to this information. In addition, you would totally miss this using a screen reader and not even know that there was a control panel.

2. There is a number of unlabeled graphics, including the button to continue on the first screen. This problem occurs throughout the Flash. If you change your settings in the configuration manager in JAWS to "All Graphics" you will hear a number of "unlabeled graphics."

Below is some information from the Inspect32 tool:

How found: Focus [o:0xFFFFFFFC,c:0x0]
hwnd=0x000207F8 32bit class="MacromediaFlashPlayerActiveX" style=0x56000000 ex=0x0
Info: IAcc = 0x001AE580 VarChild:[VT_I4=0x0]
Interfaces: IEnumVARIANT IOleWindow
Impl: Remote native IAccessible
Annotation ID: [not supported]

Name: none [mnfd]
Value: none [mnfd]
Role: client
State: focused,focusable
Location: {l:178, t:288, w:651, h:401}
Description: none [mnfd]
Kbshortcut: none [mnfd]
DefAction: none [mnfd]
Parent: none [screen]
Help: none [mnfd]
Help Topic: none [mnfd]
ChildCount: 10
Window: 0x000207F8 class="MacromediaFlashPlayerActiveX" style=0x56000000 ex=0x0
Children: none [mnfd] : graphic : normal
none [mnfd] : graphic : normal
"During and after a quake" : text : read only
"The ground is shaking beneath you. It's an earthquake, and what you do in the next few seconds and minutes could be the difference between life and death or serious injury. Answer these 10 questions to test your knowledge of what to do when an earthquake strikes.  Click the button to continue:" : text : read only
none [mnfd] : graphic : normal
none [mnfd] : graphic : normal
none [mnfd] : graphic : normal
none [mnfd] : push button : focusable
none [mnfd] : graphic : normal
"©  2004 Belo Interactive.  Design by Sal Topete" : text : read only
Selection: none [mnfd]
Ancestors: [ No Parent ]

3. So this quiz needs some work to be considered accessible. However, if you can find the continue button on the first screen, I would say a person using a screen reader would be able to take the quiz, but not get the score from the control panel.

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