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Blatant abuse of the term 'accessibility'


From: Steven Henderson
Date: Apr 1, 2010 4:12AM

I've seen a worrying increase of websites blatantly abusing the term
'accesibility' in the current climate in which we try so hard to encourage.
An example of what I am talking about is using accessibility as a vehicle to
validate an almost worser evil such as keyword-stuffing SEO tactics (perhaps
due to genuine misunderstanding, or perhaps not) like the following example
(observe the heading 'Links for Accessibility' that introduces the so-called
accessibility links, below the visually-obvious main content):

What do other people think can be done to stop people doing this? And more
importantly, encourage them and their clients to consider this distasteful
practice. It is not accepted in the real-world, so why should we accept it