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Re: Recruiting assistive technology users for usability testing


From: Jablonski, James (LNI)
Date: Apr 20, 2010 2:24PM

Hi Angela,

We had a similar dilemma around Office2007 training. Here, our Human
Resources division allowed our IT Support staff, who work directly with
our assistive technology (A/T)users, to make discreet inquiries and
invitations to all our A/T users. Another approach might be to have
Human Resources make a general invitation, including to anyone using A/T
and those with customized settings to participate in testing. This
might help the HR section, but may still leave A/T users uncomfortable,
especially if a person must leave a work unit.

James Jablonski, Assistive Technology Consultant
Washington State, Department of Labor & Industries
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I'm working on a usability testing project for a large financial
company and I'd like to include company employees who are assistive
technology users in our group of participants.

Problem is, the Human Resources department has, in the past, frowned on
asking these employees to participate because HR doesn't want them to be
"singled out."

I'm wondering if any of you have experiences dealing with getting
from a company's HR department to involve employees with disabilities in
your usability testing efforts.

Thanks for any advice you have to share.


Angela Colter
Usability Consultant

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