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Re: SUNY hiding their accessibility links?


From: Simius Puer
Date: Apr 23, 2010 12:15PM

Yeah, if that site is accessible then I'm French (I'm not btw!).

Tables for layout, images for text, reliance on Flash with no alternatives,
poor contrasts, dire <title>s.....the list is pretty much every school-boy
error ever made.

However! On closer inspection their accessibility statement actually does
not claim any level of accessibility. What it does say is:

Part 1: "All new content, high-traffic pages (defined as home pages and
> critical path pages) and medium-traffic pages will comply with this policy
> immediately. Low-traffic pages will be brought into compliance when the
> content of the page changes."

Part 3: "...the content created by the contractor and any subcontractors
> must also adhere to the Policy and the standards"

...note "pages" and "content" are mentioned but there is no mention of the
website template/CMS itself. Rather pathetic and not even close to meeting
the US legal requirements I'm sure.

Then again, they do finish their accessibility statement with a real doozy:

We test our pages on the Macintosh OS, but we do not support it.

*chortle* ... I can't believe my eyes!!