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Re: Mac browser users of assistive technology


From: Michael.Moore@dars.state.tx.us
Date: May 24, 2010 9:57AM

Everett wrote,

As a user of Safari with VoiceOver I will say that Flash objects are not recognized by VoiceOver. This doesn't mean that they cannot function, just that the Flash UI isn't accessible to VoiceOver.

[Mike's Question]
Does VoiceOver work with FireFox or Chrome on the Mac? And if so, does Flash work with VoiceOver on either of those browsers? Have you confirmed that VoiceOver and Safari do not work with Flash objects that have been designed for accessibility.

Finally, a question for Andrew or Bob if you are lurking around this morning. If there really is a lack of compatibility is this due to the reliance on MSAA on the windows platform that is preventing operation on the Mac?