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Re: abbreviations


From: Denis Boudreau
Date: May 26, 2010 3:18PM

Hey John,

On 2010-05-26, at 3:58 PM, John Foliot wrote:

> <EMAIL REMOVED> wrote:
>> Surely that would also be best practice for screen reader users?
> Surely web accessibility is for more than just developing for screen
> readers? <grin>

Surely you understand that while accessibility != developing for screen readers, it is still an important part of a complete breakfast.

Huh, I mean, an important part of an efficient approach to ensure that some users with specific types of limitations have access to content. ;p

Screen readers are but one of the many elements I raised earlier on, device independency and browser support being equally important elements to consider in the equation.

> Denis Boudreau wrote:
>> Geof, were you implying that Jaws will read the content of the <abbr>
>> or <acronym> element if it's defined by the @title? What would Jaws
>> read if it stumbled across:
>> <acronym title="North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ">NATO</acronym>
>> <abbr title="Monday">Mon</abbr>
> See my comment above...

See my comment to your comment above. ;p