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Re: tester for WCAG 2.0 AAA compliance?


From: Sandy
Date: Jul 12, 2010 12:33PM

> And don't forget that a validator can only parse a document - even the W3C
> HTML validator can't tell you if your HTML is right, only if it is valid -
> there is a *huge *difference, especially when it comes to accessibility.
> In addition to the resources suggested by Susan (the WebAIM checklist is
> particularity helpful) - don't just test against a set of guidelines...that
> will not ensure your website is accessible. Real world testing is a must
> and you can't simply rely on a nice clean checklist (although that is a good
> start).

Thanks to everyone who took time to answer.

It's good to have a heads up from a mechanical checker, especially since
I don't usually have the budget to do usability and accessibility
checking. I do look at the stuff myself, and send it to anyone who will
take the time to check it for me, and often post it to the "blind
webbers" list, and on most projects that has to do.

I find my clients are fine with the site being accessible as long as it
doesn't take any longer, look any different or cost any more. I know
it's not like that for everybody!

best regards,