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Re: Wai Aria how useful?


From: Seth Kane
Date: Jul 22, 2010 1:03PM

I have had little to no luck with ARIA unless you have the latest and great version of both browsers and screen readers. It isn't ready for the lowest common denominator just yet. Maybe HTML5 will be better.

Seth Kane

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Nancy Johnson wrote:
> How useful is WAI Aria to the average screen reader user who may not be technically inclined?

It depends on what version of a screenreader and browser they
have. With JAWS 11 + Firefox 3, for example, live regions get
announced in ways that some people find helpful (depending on how
well they have encoded).

> Does this also help the mobility impaired user who is not visually impaired?

I have found that there are circumstances in which ARIA
navigation changes the way the wonderful Firefox add-on
Mouseless Browsing interacts with a webpage in a way that gives
me more control over Ajax drop-down menus. I haven't narrowed it
down to exactly what features make things better, but I've been
meaning to.