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Re: Wai Aria how useful?


From: deblist@suberic.net
Date: Jul 21, 2010 1:15PM

Nancy Johnson wrote:
> How useful is WAI Aria to the average screen reader user who may not be technically inclined?

It depends on what version of a screenreader and browser they
have. With JAWS 11 + Firefox 3, for example, live regions get
announced in ways that some people find helpful (depending on how
well they have encoded).

> Does this also help the mobility impaired user who is not visually impaired?

I have found that there are circumstances in which ARIA
navigation changes the way the wonderful Firefox add-on
Mouseless Browsing interacts with a webpage in a way that gives
me more control over Ajax drop-down menus. I haven't narrowed it
down to exactly what features make things better, but I've been
meaning to.