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Use of Headings


From: Langum, Michael J
Date: Jul 27, 2010 10:12AM

Does the use of table structures for layout trouble screen reader users?

We have an author who is really fond of using layout tables to provide a visual structure to her documents. She writes in Word, and then we convert to PDF for publication on our website. I have attached an extracted sample page.

I'm seeking advice on the best way to work with the Acrobat tag tree in this document.
Logically, the tags should be : <h1>, <h2>, followed by several <p> and an <L>. Then another <h2>, followed by several <p> and an <l> tags.

But because she used a layout table, these tags end up nested in various table tags.

Should I modify the physical structure to reflect the logical structure of the document? Or leave the various table tags in the document?

-- Mike