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Re: Font size, follow up question


From: kynn@idyllmtn.com
Date: Jun 13, 2002 11:03AM

Glenda wrote:
> So, how does this work with text within graphics? If graphics are sized by
> pixels, how can users control the size of the text?

Text within graphics is, obviously, bad. ;) Because you can't control
the size of the text.

> Also, how would you respond to:
> "I struggling with the balance between "control" and accessibility
> especially
> when we have design requirements that target 800x600 screens. So the
> argument of tiny handhelds and very large screens seems to be exceptions
> rather than the rule? I'd love to see some kind of zoom capability in
> browsers, maybe IE/NS ver 9.4 ? ;)"

Opera has had built-in "zoom" for years; it sounds like this controlling
designer doesn't know much about the field in which she works.

Design requirements that target 800x600 screens are faulty requirements
with the kind of thinking that has NEVER worked on the Web. However,
it is certainly possible to make a design that looks great on 800 by
600 application windows while still being accessible and usable your

> Personally, with the increase use of PDAs, I would think tiny screens are
> becoming less and less the exception. Similarly, with an aging population
> with failing eyesight, large screens are becoming more popular. Or, is my
> rationale faulty somewhere? Wonder what the stats are here, regarding sales
> of various monitor sizes?

Not sure. But note that monitor size (or resolution) is not equal to
application size! I can detect no faults in your rationale, by the way.


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