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RNIB "accessible" game


From: Tom Gilder
Date: Jun 14, 2002 5:32AM

I just received a message from the RNIB's Campaign for Good Web Design mailing
list. I won't copy it all here, it is available to read at

Basically the RNIB got Bluewave (http://www.bluewave.com) to produce a game in
flash for their "Look Loud Day" - but make it accessible...

"The brief RNIB gave Bluewave was to use Flash MX to create an online game
that would be as accessible to blind people as it is to sighted people"

...well they clearly failed - http://lookloud.bluewave.com/ is the end result.

Frames. Scripting. Browser detection. Invalid HTML. Not what I call accessible!

I'm sighted, and yet could not access the page due to having scripting disabled
in IE. I got a nice, white, blank page. It's no good making flash accessible if
the page that contains it isn't.

Maybe the RNIB should get a refund if they did pay for this shoddy bit of

Tom Gilder

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