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check table for proper markup


From: Terence de Giere
Date: Jun 5, 2002 2:27PM

Elaine --

The table


looks fine to me. Hey, a page that validates! You did not use the SCOPE
attribute, but this table has multiple headers so using the ID and
HEADERS attributes is correct. HEADERS has better support anyway. You
also have a CAPTION and the SUMMARY ATTRIBUTE properly used.

To repeat Jukka's question, does anyone know if AXIS is supported by
any browser yet? Because AXIS would allow the table to be resturctured
according to various user criteria, based on information in the table,
this appears to be a feature that will take browser developers more time
to work out.

There will be usability problems with table using browsers that don't
support the HEADERS attribute (and those that do also can have usability
problems, but this page fulfills the requirements of accessibility rules
as far as I can see). Ideally an alternate text-only version of the
table made with other elements such as headings and lists could be made
available. Properly made, a text-only "table" will read more
comprehensibly in text and audio browsers, and also in screen readers.

Terence de Giere

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