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From: Vlad Alexander (XStandard)
Date: Sep 26, 2010 10:09AM

John wrote: "Google in *particular* processes links as part of their parsing of any page..."

The purpose of the discussion was to answer the question: when a hyperlink only contains an image, should alt be written to fit surrounding content or be written as a target link label/description. I provided an example where hyperlink is removed when content is pasted into applications that only support plain text. You asked me to provide an example of a Web based machine that does that. Some parts of Google do just that. The following screen shot shows a hyperlinked sentence on the WebAIM site and then the same sentence in Google search results without a hyperlink. So, original hyperlinked content is being presented to the user as non-hyperlinked content. So I would argue that it is wrong to write alt text as a target link label/description because it can be presented to a user as non-hyperliked content.


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