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What is the problem with this web site (refreshing Java script I presume)


From: Birkir RĂșnar Gunnarsson
Date: Sep 26, 2010 2:06PM

Hey guys

Fairly recently the www.nhl.com/news (I think actually the entire
nhl.com site) was updated.
Now at the top you have to scroll through what appears to be a ribbon
of some sort with the previous day's score, games and outcome.
I have to go through this before I get to the main content.
Also my Jaws freezes up every 2 minutes or so for 5 seconds.
I prsume these are Javascript ribbons of comse kind that refresh every
couple of minutes but I am not sure.
Can anyone take a quick look for me and tell me what they believe
could be done from an accessibility perspective, would there be a way
to implement a version of the site without the refresh for instance.