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Re: tool to show me what is in focus?


From: Jablonski, James (LNI)
Date: Sep 28, 2010 3:51PM

Hi Amanda,

A low-tech approach? With both IE6 under WinXP and IE8 under Win7, I
choose the High Contrast #1 Windows theme. Then I set IE's accessibility
formatting to "Ignore colors specified on webpage". Then I TAB through
the page and the focus lights up pretty well.

I hope that helps,

James Jablonski, Assistive Technology Consultant
Washington State, Department of Labor & Industries
<EMAIL REMOVED> (360) 902-5888 FAX (360) 902-6300

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Hi all,
I'm testing the accessibility of a web application that needs a lot of
Most of the focusable elements are NOT displaying differently, so I
tell where focus is when testing for keyboard only functionality. Until
is fixed, is there a tool I can use to show where the focus is? This
allow me to continue testing other aspects of the keyboard functionality
(e.g., tab order) much more easily.