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Re: RNIB "accessible" game


From: Holly Marie
Date: Jun 14, 2002 8:27AM

| A List Apart http:///www.alistapart.com
| [yet people have been criticized over the years, they do open their
| hearts, minds, and listen and do make changes]

seems I was a bit overpassionate and there were probably a few typos or
This one is of importance to correct. Too many slashes but here are some
links to make up for that err.
Searching on Flash MX and also on Accessibility at the front page will
find more than the articles I listed below. Keep in mind some of these
were authored and archived, and there are newer pieces and ideas always
hot off the key press.

enjoy, and I wanted to point out, that a person who gives a lot of heat
out to software companies, and designers/developers alike, and may have
had his own different ideas about making sites accessible - is in fact
hosting topics on this, looking at changes, and helping to encourage and
promote awareness to the design and development communities. So we all
need to sit back and realize that changes do happen, and sometimes angry
or pointed fingers work at fueling those changes to start.

A good example is an old article by Jim Heid at his Heidsite - at
macromedia and multimedia and the need to make it accessible.... it came
long before these others and in the fall just before Macromedia started
developing their Accessibility sections, so they listen and they do
care... Heid's older and good read article discusses flash, multimedia
and I believe it also touched upon SVG - it is here:
and a follow up here:
At that point, I thought, cool, it is starting to catch on, and I loved
the article by Jim... the time fall 2000 - Sept 22 .

It has been great watching and being part of these changes, too. Many
more to come, I am sure. And it does not happen overnight.

The List Apart Links - courtesy of Jeffery Zeldman, and his web site -
his work and interest for a better online community to work, and learn

http://www.alistapart.com [home page, good design/dev topics]
http://www.alistapart.com/stories/ [archives of past topics or stories ]

Accessibility pieces at A List Apart:

Double Issue on Flash MX [ http://www.alistapart.com/issues/143/ ]
Flash MX - Moving Toward Accessible Rich Media [april 2002]
by Andrew Kirkpatrick

Flash MX - Clarifying the Concept [ april 2002 ]
by Joe Clark [he has a new book out too - Building Accessible Websites -
http://joeclark.org/book/ ]

Flash Access - Unclear on the Concept [an archived previous article with
a good questionaire]
by Joe Clark

Access - Everybody Wins
by D. Keith Robinson

Accessibility - The Clock is Ticking
by Alan Herrel
Accessibility the Politics of Design
by Alan Herrel


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