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RNIB LookLouder Flash MX game


From: Julie.Howell@rnib.org.uk
Date: Jun 17, 2002 8:19AM

Hi everyone

Tom's original message about the RNIB/Bluewave Look Louder project didn't
contain some vital information about the project.

We asked Bluewave to create the game for us so we could find out whether it
was truly possible create an accessible game using Flash MX. We wanted to
find out what the problems were and use the game as a means of bringing any
issues to the attention of Macromedia, and of making web designers more
aware of web accessibility and the 'dangers' of designs that rely on
proprietary software.

For info, Bluewave created the the game, which drew on much of their time
and expertise, at zero cost to RNIB.

The message below should explain all, but I'm happy to answer any individual

Kind regards
Julie Howell
Campaigns Officer (Accessible Internet)

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