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Re: Linking back after D links [was] Re: RNIB LookLouder Flash MX game


From: Holly Marie
Date: Jun 17, 2002 2:18PM

| I found that IBM Home Page Reader goes right back to the top of
| the
| | page which can be frustrating but I've known other browsers like
| Explorer or
| | Netscape to remember the placement in the page to go back to. See
| Example:
| | http://www.resiusa.org/scea/modules/prs_mod2.htm

if you tried named linking back to areas of previous page, and it did
not work in one browser or another...
try putting the entire link in...

'http:// ...complete link and directories or pages before ... #spot'

and not simply


All links back need that hash mark '#' before the name...
all invisible named spots, need only the name, and no spaces in the
name... underscores are ok.

I know it is a bit more typing, but sometimes there are quirky behaviors
in NNolder and other browsers if you had just used part of the link...
and relative [or shorter paths - links] ... many times putting in a full
absolute path [or entire link ] will clear up some misbehaving browser


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