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Linking back after D links [was] Re: RNIB LookLouder Flash MX game


From: Holly Marie
Date: Jun 17, 2002 2:07PM

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From: "Steffi Rausch" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
Sent: Monday, June 17, 2002 2:56 PM
Subject: RE: RNIB LookLouder Flash MX game

| Can Assistive Techologies remember in a page where they linked from to
| another page and go back there when pressing the back button instead
| going back to the top of the page? For example, if I have a long
| page and need to link to a long descriptions page for an image using a
| D-link, I want the user to be able to continue on with where they left
| in the original page instead of having to sift through the beginning
| again. I found that IBM Home Page Reader goes right back to the top of
| page which can be frustrating but I've known other browsers like
Explorer or
| Netscape to remember the placement in the page to go back to. See
| http://www.resiusa.org/scea/modules/prs_mod2.htm

Maybe you would like to create a named anchor on that sending page ....
and a link back to the named anchor from the long description page?


[this image is a chart or graph] [D]
(hidden named anchor reference tag and return spot here)
code this way... replacing code "[" and "]" with "<" and ">" and this is
for html not xhtml strict... otherwise some added modifications would be
needed.... *note*Long description attribute is added to the image tag
below for browsers who support this...
Toss the anchor tag after the image, so they do not have to hear the
image info all over again ... or get confused and be looping back over
and over? And I try to use names for images and links that make sense.

image code...
[img src="chartb.gif" height="200" width="200" alt="Graph showing
description of browsers supporting accessibility"

then the D link code....
[ [a href='http://www.somesite.com/chartb_info.html' title="page with
explanation of char b"]D[/a]
Then the Anchor tag....
[a name="chart_b"][/a]

ok, now on the somesite.com/chart2_info.html description page... at the
bottom.. after the full description of what the graphs and charts

Link back to article - could be the text or something clear...?

All the excellent text description, then.... links...
[a href="http://www.somesite.com#chart_b] Link back to article[/a]
might as well supply a link to home page too, just in case they are done
with this part of the article?

first part of that link, will take the user to that page, then the
browser should locate the user down to the named anchor inside page
reference.... just after that image, if coded correctly.

This example would be for a page that has the image on the home page...
or index.html page.
if it were on another page, you would need to indicated that page then
the #chart_2

more about anchor tags here...
HTML [linking]

XHTML [linking]
you may need to add name="chartb_info" and id="chartb_info" both to the
name link or point of return.

MikoDocs or iDocs guide to html [named anchor linking]

I hope I got that all right...? I had to put single quotes around the
code example links in the tags, because my mail client took them out.


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